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«Not being noticed or known by our busy community» How to Deal with the Concentric Circles of Acclaim


You’re sitting in the middle of a tornado of activity that feels, well, loud.  You spend time and energy with a cadre of equally incentivized artists creating a gallery show, a play, or an exhibit.

Then you go next door and put up a poster.  You hear, “Oh, when’s that happening?”

Then you invite an artist and he forgets to come until after it closes.

Then you invite your doctor and she says, “What’s that?”

Eric Rubio of the Wheaton College Artist Series of Wheaton, Illinois gave us this issue for August.  People working within arts organizations feel the tornado, but just a thought process away, others are ignorant.

PR isn’t an accidental occurrence.  Good PR assumes readers know nothing about the newsworthy piece.  Groundswells of guerrilla marketing techniques may be the answer to your indispensability factor.

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