Alan H. Harrison
Seattle, Washington

Bio: Alan H. Harrison has over 25 years of senior experience in the nonprofit arts industry, acting as an agent of positive change with some of the most prolific companies in the country: Lincoln Center Theater, Seattle Repertory Theatre, the Pasadena Playhouse, Pittsburgh Public Theater, and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, to name a few. Currently seeking to exit consulting and work to make one organization thrive, Alan has worked on over 300 productions – from Tony-winning Broadway musicals and plays to tiny, volunteer-led theatre productions in community colleges. His knowledge of the nonprofit arts industry comes from the ground up. He has worked at every level within all kinds of arts organizations and knows to the tiniest detail how to make them succeed. As an executive, he has managed as few as 8 people and as many as 350, and worked successfully with boards of trustees and directors that had as few as 6 people and as many as 88. He knows how to lobby, to persuade, to argue without harm, to passionately make the case for the arts, to risk everything, to get the right people on the bus and get them into the right seats, and to represent arts organizations successfully. Contact him at alan@alanharrison.org.

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  1. A H, you got it right! Sounds like you are going to have a full time job finding that “right” NP. You know a lot and any NP could grow and change from your experience. Think you should considering starting your own, and offer advice, consul and a chance to play your game Meanwhile begin developing and making and marketing your “game” and service. Think its fantastic, fun, challenging, honest and an important exercise for NP in reorganizing themselves for the next phase of their life. You have a great sense of humor, perceptive, challenging and the world of NP needs your expertise.

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