Cue the heavenly chorus…your nonprofit arts organization will never be hungry again!

Acting is not about performing; nor is painting about artistry; nor is music is about musicianship; nor is dancing about prowess.

Similarly, nonprofit arts organizations cannot be about exhibitions/performances.

The impact of the arts can be quantified.  There are myriad studies. But the impact of any individual arts organization is not an equivalent discussion. Each organization must provide specific impact, or better, impact2.

Impact2 is the impact’s impact. As a food bank provides positive impact to a concrete number of families, its impact2 may be the number of households that escaped poverty from having had the gift of food in its worst times.

Many nonprofit arts organizations often define themselves by the quality of production. No surprise, then, that so many struggle to reach new donors.  Quantify the impact2 of your nonprofit, and you’ll find your Grail.


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  1. Once again, Alan Harrison has hit the proverbial “nail on the head”. Bravo!


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