“I Wanna!” The Fatal Game of Power About Nonprofit Arts. Ages infantile and up.

How to play:

Players select their tokens to start play. Each token designates their role in nonprofit art.

Marionette: Performing Artists/Designers

Blob of Clay: Writers/Composers/Visual Artists

Pawn: All technical/administrative/volunteer personnel (one token represents all)

Change Purse: Audience

Louis Vuitton Pocketbook: Donor/Funder

Fake Louis Vuitton Pocketbook: Development Director

Hammer: Trustee

Bent nail: Managing/Executive Director

Telescope looking up: Artistic Director/Curator

Microscope looking down: General Manager/CFO

Bloody leech:  Critic/Journalist

Sorry: designated tokens for marketing/pr directors were deleted in the last budget cycle.

All players spin the Great Glass Wheel Of Art simultaneously in all directions and yell, “I Wanna!”  The Wheel comes off its bearings; breaks into millions of pieces.  Players move tokens anyplace in the room that feels most advantageous, regardless of the playing board or other players.

End of game:

Chaos.  All players proclaim victory.  None actually win.


One response

  1. Josephine Vaughn | Reply

    WOW – you got this correct. I am the Development Director with 17 years experience in the Arts. I put my heart and soul into my jobs. I finally realized not only did I have to work to raise money, make sure the donor actually paid what they pledged, I had to fight the rest of the organization’s departments to make sure the funds landed where they were supposed to be. I am an artist, I am also an accountant. The accountant finally won out and I left the arts. I will pursue my personal arts and be happy and sane. Good luck to the rest of the team. it has been an experience!


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