You Gotta Live in the House You Live in


Hypothetical: Strategically speaking, what would your charity do if money were not an issue at all?

The answer to this question is significant. Because if it begins with anything but “we’d do exactly what we’re doing now,” then it’s likely that either you or your mission have to go.

I live in a 1950s house. Typical low ceilings. Small, utilitarian rooms. If I had all the money in the world to renovate it, I’d enhance its 1950s nature, not build 4 additional stories to get a Puget Sound view and in doing so, ruin the house’s charm.

Same with charities, arts or otherwise. You created a mission for a reason…there was a need. A societal wrong to be righted. If you want to accomplish something other than your organization’s mission, go do it.

Just do it somewhere else.


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  1. Stan weinstein | Reply

    That question is pretty much the same I would ask when going into an organization to help with their development. The questions is “If your organization was functioning in an ideal manner, what would it be doing that it isn’t doing now.


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