Nonprofit Management Counter-Intuition: Every Now and Then, You Have to Fire Yourself

Every now and then, fire yourself. Then interview yourself for your job. Would you get it? What attributes would best suit you for it? (Do you even want it?)

Don’t schedule a meeting for one entire week each quarter. Stop being “too busy.” Find your value as a resource (rather than as a boss).

Take down all the cubicle and office doors. Then, every morning, say hello to each human you see before you walk into your door-free office.

Eliminate devil’s advocacy (unless you’re the Pope). Disagreement without responsibility hinders your organization’s progress.

Teach your staff your job. Let them do it when you’re on vacation.

Take all your vacation days.  No contact.  Don’t ruin it by doubling your workload upon returning.

Make sure your full-time salary is less than 6x the full-time salary of anyone else.


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