Charity Missions: Are They Relevant, Or Are They Adorable?

Charitable mission statements tell us what the world looks like as the charity succeeds.

When the mission is rendered moot, the charity is superfluous.

Outside the USA, arts nonprofits are suffering due to reductions in government subsidy. In the USA, however, subsidies are almost non-existent, save for the NEA, which supports with pennies, paper clips, and Cheerios from underneath the Congressional Budget couch cushions.

So the US turns to capitalistic support. Survival of the fittest.

I don’t know. Perhaps the NEA now only exists to exist, like the NRA, PTA, PBS, Catholic Church, or the United Way.

Because in a country where the wealthiest 1% own more than the least-wealthiest 90% and where 95% of monetary gains since 2009 went to the wealthiest 1% of the population, could it be that charities are now just quaint relics of a populist past?


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