Your Next Charity Leader: “Cool, Aloof, Efficient” or “Passionate, Assertive, Innovative?”

Benedict and Jobs

I suppose it’s not a binary choice. But ultimately, they seem to fall in exclusive constellations of attributes.

Few leaders are in both camps. And, depending on the organization’s life-stage, you may need more from one camp than the other.

Pope Benedict vs. Steve Jobs. Neither is perfect, but each offers different personality sets at the helm of your charity.

I prefer to work with those who are in the latter camp. They are invariably afraid of little, impolitic, guileless, insistent, and noisy. But they most often find solutions, tell the truth, and can make things happen.

Not that I don’t like the former group, but I’ve found they hold their cards tight, condescend, rarely make a definitive statement, defer, passively-aggressively ignore, and require others to make things happen.

But they rarely threaten change.  So there’s that.


2 responses

  1. Context Sisters and Brothers, Context. Steve Jobs had a singular vision and methodology for success. Attractive to us Alpha and quality-centric enough to be attractive to us boomers and traditionals. That being said apple has never seriously threatened market dominance or solved its leadership transition issues and Jobs was very hard on his team. Il Papa who runs one the worlds older NFPs comes at a time of shrinking participation an institutional resistance to change and one of the most deeply entrenched bureaucracies in the world. They were and are both great but both had to operate in very different realms with very different goals.


  2. Stop being right all the time. It’s embarrassing to the rest of us. 🙂
    I concur….leaders with passion are the ones I want to follow.


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