The Future of the Arts: It’s About the Impact Outside the Building

I’ve been scouring mission statements. Some inspiring, some boring; some engaging, some self-indulgent. Indications of what the charity values? Absolutely.

Performing arts charities, more than any other, tend to value programming over impact:

“to sustain, encourage, and promote the performing arts and to educate the public with relation thereto” – Lincoln Center

“producing and presenting the greatest examples of music, dance, and theater; supporting artists in the creation of new work; and serving the nation as a leader in arts education” – Kennedy Center

In contrast, public broadcasting tends to value impact over programming:

“to create a more informed public – one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures” – NPR

“to inform, to inspire, and to educate” – PBS

Do you see the difference? Do you want the difference?


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  1. […] auprès du secteur à but non lucratif, Alan H. Harrison constate que les organismes artistiques se dotent de mission où il est question de produire ou de soutenir […]


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