It Takes Guts to Build a Successful Nonprofit Arts Organization

Take a long inward look at why your nonprofit arts organization exists.

No. Longer.

Stop.  Read the next sentence. Close your eyes and do what it says. Open.

Say out loud what the mission is – not the mission statement (because someone else wrote that) – but the from-the-gut societal problem your nonprofit organization solves.

Welcome back. Was that hard to do?

Was your interpretation in line with the mission statement?

Or is your organization a nonprofit just for the tax breaks?  In other words, do you take donations to produce somebody’s vision of art (maybe even yours) with no change to your community?

Inspiring nonprofits don’t measure success by journalistic acclaim, performance buzz, or paid attendance. That’s what baseball teams and political conventions do.

Be inspiring. Be better.  You’ve been given a life-altering societal charge: follow your gut.


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