HR 201: Hire the Overqualified

obi wan

Anxious about hiring someone whose last position was at a higher level or payscale – or may be older or have more seniority in the organization than you do?

Don’t be.

Do yourself a favor.  Read one of any number of articles (hint: each of the last 6 words links to an article) about why you should have conversations with a purportedly “overqualified” someone who wants to work with you.

Or do nothing – in other words, hire an untested someone you believe is cookie-cutter copy of the person who’s gone (hint: they’re not).

It’s all in the process:  instead of asking a roster of predetermined questions (that’s easy, simplistic, and unenlightened), have an unscripted conversation.  You’ll learn more about the candidate, yourself, and your shared goals.

If you’re smart, you’ll hire that “overqualified” person. They’ll make you look fantastic.



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