Fair/Right/Just/Honest/Unbiased/Reasonable – Things Life Isn’t

I have a friend. Her name isn’t Penny. And no, it’s not me.

Penny ran a nonprofit.  In fact, she has run a few, all successfully.  She’s good at what she does.  She has been responsible for a lot of success.

A single judgment error cost Penny her job. She didn’t steal, she didn’t kill anyone, nor did she have any negative board issues. She fell in love with a man who fell in love with her. Unfortunately, he worked for her. And the story made Page One.

Penny and Lincoln have been together for years. No wrongdoing was ever found, and, in fact, the organization exonerated her and paid her a healthy settlement.  That made Page Thirty-Seven.

Penny hasn’t worked in years. Search firms steer clear. Search engines find front page news, not page Thirty-Seven news.


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  1. cabankingfinance | Reply

    Very thought-provoking indeed.


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