Technology, isolation, live theater, community, hope, and Vin Scully

Technology is not new. Nor is its ability to isolate. Man’s choice is to buy it and do so.

On a 1960s-era transistor radio, while there was an earphone jack, few used it.  Sandy Koufax’ 1965 perfect game was accompanied by the hum of 29,139 transistors all tuned to Vin Scully, as if he were sitting in the adjacent seat.

Many people buy into that latest-thingamabob fervor and complain that they can’t meet people. And when they do, the people they meet seem incapable of a simple conversation.  IMHO, peeps b txtg 511 & CBB w/PLU.

Live theaters have the wonderful capacity to bring people together. To share a purpose.  To provide the capacity for strangers to personally interact.  Not merely to entertain us, but to foment optimism.  Do they?  Or do they just put on plays?


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