No contact necessary! Never have to talk again! But wait…there’s much, much less!

As an ED, I hired many talented people who, surprisingly (given the industry – nonprofit arts organizations), did not care for interaction. One told me, “I communicate best through email. You should email me.” Her desk was thirty feet from mine.

It is the custom among many to jump to the latest innovation, a practice that is not in itself innovative.  Operating technology is no less clubby than ordering at Starbucks. If a customer is unaware of the script, the club members become twitchy.

Cyber-innovation, however, offers addictive isolation as an objective. Solely to rely on it to do person-to-person activities for a nonprofit organization – especially one in the arts – is tantamount to reading directions on how to build IKEA furniture and assume that the building process will be complete without physically interaction with the tools and materials.


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