If I ignore you, then you don’t exist! Hey! Why are you still there, existing???

Recent impressions from an interview for a development director position at a well-known theatre.

Managing director picks me up at airport. Interviews me in car.  First impression… he drives, in more ways than one.

Dinner for eight. Laughs, rowdiness, and Malbec. Second impression…an uninhibited group.

The play.  Well-performed one-man show.  Third impression…no money.

The interview marathon. 6½ hours, no breaks. Fourth impression: disorganized thinkers.

Complete silence. For over two months, despite leaving message for managing director on his cell.  Fifth impression: brutal place to work.

Sent email taking myself out of the search. Direct quote from board president: “I don’t know the protocol in the nonprofit world. In the engineering world, where [we] are both from, you don’t hear anything unless you are hired.”  Final impression: they’re horrible at human relations…must be why they have no money.

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