The black ten goes on the red Jack, Jack

The worst thing you can say is “I’m too busy.”

There are reasons, remedies, and repercussions available here and here and here.


If someone you know calls, call them back.  Don’t write.  Call.  Today.

If someone you know writes, write them back. Or call. Today.

If you have an appointment with someone, do not text them a “crazy busy” excuse in the hopes they’ll go away.  Meet.  You said you would. Passive aggressiveness is still aggression…and it’s repugnant.

Be fifteen minutes early. Honoring time is the ultimate respect.

Stop being afraid that people will catch you playing Solitaire.  We know you’re playing Solitaire.  Everyone’s playing Solitaire of a kind.  We’re not actually speaking with other people, seeking ideas and help, or evolving curiosity.

If we only express things we already know, then how do we grow?


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  1. Great article !! Why do people hide behind technology rather than calling ? Has the smart phone made the “phone call” obsolete?


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