Nonprofit hiring… Consensus…check. Fairness…check. Zombie interviewers…GRAXAGHZ.

Employees are your biggest asset as an organization.  Nonprofit employees hold greater importance. Relationship-building through positive, passionate human interaction are better portents to success than technological advances.

And yet, too often the hiring process – especially in communities seeking “consensus” or “fairness” – has devolved into “Interviews in Zombieland.”

“Consensus” is not unanimity.  “Fairness” is irrelevant when you’re seeking great people.

The group interview is quickly disintegrating. Every person takes turns reading pre-designed, pre-printed questions in the dullest drones imaginable.  Your staff turns into a cast of Zombies in a badly-written, badly-acted play, and everyone uses the same dull inflection to every candidate.

And then, invariably, zombie staff members complain about the candidates’ dullness.

Nonprofit leaders: is your hiring process as undead as your results?  And are zombie interviews the best way to show off your organization?


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  1. […] As practiced, the group interview might have evolved into a method for managers to abdicate responsibility in the name of consensus. While consensus is ideal, the group-think process can too often be dominated by a crank in the corner with issues, motives, and insecurities.  And, possibly, an unknown agenda. […]


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