Like licking honey off a thorn – Art, why we do it, who it’s for, and why it has power

Painters sing.

Actors play.

Writers choreograph.

Singers paint.

Dancers conduct.

Choreographers sculpt.

Sculptors act.

Musicians paint.

Directors sing.

Conductors write.

And in doing so, no issue, thought, or attitude can be unseen, unfelt, or unheard. It is not for the singing, the painting, etc., that art is produced. The glory of art is in its scope of power. To inspire peace or revolution. To cause great comfort or great discomfort. To provide joy or desolation.

As a populist, I believe that visual and performing arts serve great groups of people. I fear that many in power judge art as dangerous. Their battle plan continues to manipulate those same great groups of people into despising it, to consider it as foreign. As the other.

And I fear that they’ve won that battle. But not the war.  Not yet.


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