Seen on a sweatshirt while walking around Green Lake: “Change is good. You go first.”

Innovation is annoying.  Instigation is even worse.  I ought to know.  I’ve been accused of both.

But when companies are stagnant (or failing), staying put is not an option.

Innovators and instigators can be difficult.  Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford are/were not particularly “easy” people.  Nor were César Chávez  or Copernicus.  Nor were many women who broke through glass ceilings.

Too often when things aren’t working, managers paralyze themselves by thinking without forensic analysis.  For them, all they believe they need to do is to keep doing what they’re doing.

“We tried change,” they’ll tell you.  “It didn’t work.  All we have to do is work harder.”

Forensic analysis matters.  The great leaders know that and use it to their competitive advantage.  They may also consider change agency to be annoying – but also rewarding.


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