Innovation: not just for production managers and marketing directors

I love production managers.  The good ones tend to come from a background of experimentation.  Using the improv-tested training mantra of “Yes And,” their work ethic promotes wildly thoughtful experimentation.

I love marketing directors, too.  Good ones aim for reaction rather than beauty. No fan cares about “Addy” awards. They care about having a personally meaningful experience.

Innovation in arts charities need not be limited to the production manager or marketing director, the two lead staff members dedicated to translating the art to fans.

To innovate, all you need to do is innovate.  Which requires…

Identifying the need…

Honor for the ideas of the team…

Synthesizing the data…

10% more time than is available…

500% more patience…

A vision of success…

And the acceptance that, as more than one production manager has famously said, “This could suck.”


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