Nonprofit Strategy: Managing Change is Hard; Managing Stasis is Impossible

I had breakfast with a trustee for an educational organization in a wealthy community within the last five years.

He bemoaned the fact that an über-wealthy benefactor was annually bailing them out with huge sums of money, but the organization was still always crying for cash.  And the company refused to upgrade its business practices.

“Why is she bailing them out?” I paraphrased.

“Because it’s her legacy to her kid,” he paraphrased.  “And let’s face it, for vanity.”

“And if it folds?”

“She won’t let it.”

“Are they always in a cash crisis?”

“Yes – and not only that, it’s just not serving all that many children.”

“And they can’t change the way they do business?”

“She won’t let them.”

Can’t change. Can’t succeed. Can’t close.

Bad for the organization?  Bad for the industry?  Bad for the community?


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  1. Thaank you for sharing


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