Kibitzing is the Road to Hell for Charitable Organizations: “You know what you SHOULD do…”

Kibitzing.  Webster’s definition:  “watching other people and making unwanted comments about what they are doing.”

Good intentions (egad).  Some people pay for the privilege via their donation or board service. My mother believes it’s her birthright.

For arts charities, kibitzing mainly involves comments, programs, and activities that are unsupported by research or any evidence of success.

Instead:  come with solutions rather than problems.  Shortfalls are as unintentional as bad art.  No one intends red ink or a lousy play with bad acting.  But rather than more bake sales, auctions, galas, or (egad) a “give-a-million-dollars-or-we’ll-go-bankrupt-on-Tuesday” campaign; rather than creating a program committee (because anyone can pick plays) or a marketing committee (because anyone can market the arts), work with your ED toward real, verified solutions.

The road to hell is paved with kibitzers.  The road to bankruptcy, too.


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