The 7 Most Important Things Not to Do About Not Doing the 52 Most Important Things

I write this blog and read many others. I find that people responding to nifty list posts (6 Strategic Ways to Get the Best Board of Directors) are looking for shorthand answers to longhand questions. I understand the appeal; work is complex and speed is valued over thoughtfulness. But the awkward and obvious question is:

“Are there only 6 ways to get the best board? Or are these just the first 6 you thought of?”

Same goes with negative posts (How NOT to Have a Sucky Board of Directors). I’ve been guilty of this, usually after a recent bad experience. Sorry about that, because the obvious and awkward question is:

“There are a kerjillion ways to have a sucky board. Can’t you help me get a good one?”

I’ll try to be a better poster. And here are 137 ways how…


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