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Personality, Talent, Intellect, Experience, Spirit, Passion, and the Ability to Inspire. Good Qualities for You but Intimidating as Hell to Insecure Leaders

I have a friend (not me) who is a sensational grant writer. She’s brilliant (Ivy League educated), inspirational (magnetic personality), talented (great references), and people genuinely like her.

She’s also ethical, sensible, positive, quite attractive, and a snappy dresser.

And without a job.

Lately, when she meets with prospective employers, they are impressed by her prowess, references, and samples. Sadly, they don’t hire her.  It’s plausible that insecure bosses-to-be fear she is more impressive than they are and look elsewhere.

Look, if you’re in greater Seattle and need a hell of a grant writer for a full-time gig, contact me and I’ll forward your info to her. But if you’re unstable enough just to want someone inferior to you (even if your grants are being denied) because “anyone can write a grant,” then you deserve your results.

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