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2014. A year of art awaits you. Predictions for the year to come…

A company you’ve never heard of will produce something special.

A famous company everyone knows will close down.

A play will shake your long-held beliefs.

A concert will move you to tears.

You’ll stop short and get lost in a painting.

You’ll attend an amazing performance that can’t be pigeonholed as theatre, dance, comedy, or music.

Another new study will come out proving that kids with in-school arts education will enjoy great test scores, not join gangs, and will have a tendency to be drug-free. Their community participation will be more extensive, and they’ll be likelier to enter college.

Despite that, in-school arts education will disappear.

Great arts nonprofits will find universally-accepted ways to quantify impact and will receive all the funding they require.

I wish you love, luck, and success in 2014.  Oh yes, and art.

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