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The Correlation Between Snowflakes and Nonprofits

snowflake slide

What is the purpose of a snowflake? Just a type of precipitation, one of four phases of the water cycle?

What is the purpose of a nonprofit? To change the environment so that a heretofore unrelenting bad thing gets better or goes away?

One snowflake is different from all other snowflakes. An unprovable, but accepted theory. Akin to “no two fingerprints are exactly alike.”

Your nonprofit is different from all other nonprofits. A provably unacceptable theory. Akin to “if you build it, they will come.”

Differentiation is crucial for nonprofits to thrive. But if trivial differentiation exists among two or more, then collaborate. Or merge.  Or close, if that disentangles the knotty societal issue.  Survival of any nonprofit is irrelevant if the issue isn’t solved.

Finally, snowflakes are fun to catch on the tongue.  Nonprofits really aren’t.

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