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Just putting it out there…


I’ve been working with nonprofit arts organizations (mostly theaters) for most of the last twenty-six years. Executive/Managing Director for ten. Marketing and Development Director, too.  Consultant for nineteen, the last two full-time.

Raised several million dollars (not by myself, of course!). Increased attendance by hundreds of thousands, mostly by engaging young people.

I’m now looking to regroup. Enhance one brilliant mission.  Make life better.

I’m currently based in Seattle, so the I-5 corridor from greater Portland-BC would be optimal.  Additionally, I’m very interested in relocating – but to the right place: Chicago, San Diego, Eastern Michigan, NY/NJ/PA, or DC would be fantastic (personal networks in those regions).

I don’t come cheap. But I’ve proven that I’m worth it.

All I need is a company looking for greatness; more than the sum of its programming.

Interested?  Click here.

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